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Annual Meeting 2015 in Seggau

An entire decade of exciting research at the LBI-CR has passed since the institute was founded in September 2005. We generated significant research output as measured by publications, attraction of third party money, and seeing former members successfully embarking on international careers. This achievement was celebrated in November 2015 with a scientific meeting, which brought together some outstanding researchers, who have contributed to the success of the institute with their advice, support or collaboration. The setting in Seggau combined with beautiful sunshine proved a stimulating atmosphere, which has lead to many fruitful scientific discussions. On behalf of the entire institute the director Richard Moriggl expresses his gratitude to all participants for their contributions. We are all looking forward to the next meeting.

We are grateful to our partners, which have supported the institute for a decade. In addition we acknowledge our sponsors for this meeting: Novartis, Boehringer Ingehleim and Janssen. Their financial support has enabled us to assemble an outstanding scientific programme.


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