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Annual Report 2015 shows Outstanding Scientific Performance

The LBI-CR looks back onto an unusually successful year 2015, which has seen significant progress in organizational aspects, but it is also characterized by an outstanding scientific output in the form of publications and an increasing participation in international research projects. The new annual report of 2015 provides not only a comprehensive scientific overview, but also impressive data that in 2015 the institute surpassed previous years with respect to many output parameters.

We have celebrated the 10th anniversary of founding the institute in 2005, which has seen 178 publications with an impact factor > 3 and a total of 1.645 impact factor points. We therefore had the opportunity to take stock of our achievements and we were fortunate to look back with collaborators and friends on the progress we have made in a decade of exciting research. We were lucky enough to contribute in a decade to cancer research, which has seen a fundamental change how research is performed due to the advent of “omics” technologies. This has had a major impact on cancer research, as tumors are recognized now as a bewildering multitude of diseases with complex genetics. Looking at the cancer epigenome and also on post-translational modifications in essential cancer associated proteins reveals unique and very diverse scenarios, not compatible with normal cell genetics and proteome. That we were able to keep up with these developments was mainly due to the generous support of our Partners and the LBG, but also through learning and hard work efforts of our team. We remain grateful for these significant commitments. We are proud that the external evaluation, which was successfully completed in November 2015 stated in its report: “The proposed scientific work program is attractive and internationally competitive, as demonstrated by the scientific output so far.”