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AustroMetabolism 2017 Workshop opened by Rector Markus Müller

Group Picture of the first AustroMetabolism Workshop held at CeMM on 28 September 2017

The event "AustroMetabolism 2017" on 28 September 2017 was supported by Markus Müller, Rector of the MedUni Wien and Giulio Superti-Furga, Director of the CeMM. Hosted in the CeMM the workshop brought together more than 50 researchers from all over Austria with a focus on the research area metabolism in the biomedical context. The workshop discussed the latest research topics related to metabolism with the aim of establishing a common networking platform. The workshop was concluded by a lively discussion and many new aspects of this rapidly developing field of research were addressed.
Sessions included

  • Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms in Metabolic Control
  • Metabolism, the Immune system, Cancer & Beyond
  • Interorgan Crosstalk in Metabolic Regulation
  • Methods in Metabolic Research across Austria