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Cheryl Arrowsmith visits the LBI-CR

Cheryl Arrowsmith is Professor at the University Toronto and studies the structure, function and chemical modulation of proteins involved in epigenetics and nuclear signalling – cellular mechanisms that are disrupted in cancer. She visited the LBI-CR on October 12 to discuss modern approaches of translational cancer research with our scientists hosted by Florian Grebien and Giulio Superti-Furga (CeMM). Her talk at CeMM on "Probing the Epigenome for Therapeutic Opportunities" reported on her innovative approaches in conjunction with the Structural Genomics Consortium. Cheryl has been a long standing collaborator of Florian, which resulted in a recent publication in Nature Chaemical Biology on targeting WDR5.

Cheryl Arrowsmith (centre) with Florian Grebien and co-workers at the LBI-CR