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Current Report

Since 2005 the LBI-CR has evolved into one of Austria's internationally visible scientific institutions in cancer research. With the creation of three endowed professorships by the Medical University Vienna and the University for Veterinary Medicine, Vienna in cooperation with the LBG the integration of the established center of excellence into the Austrian scientific community is under way.

The LBI-CR performs basic research with a main focus on the generation and utilization of gene targeted mouse models and a comparative analysis to cancer patient samples. The identification of essential players in cancer and novel therapeutic options are our focus. A common theme is the analysis of core cancer signaling pathways such as JAK-STAT in different cancer types, which provides a strong focus of this Austrian competence center in mechanistic cancer research.

The Annual Report 2015 provides a comprehensive overview of current research activities. On the basis of this and some additional information the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), partners and the LBG are annually assessing the latest developments at the LBI-CR. As a publicly funded institution director Richard Moriggl takes the obligation serious to provide transparent information on the use of funds. The LBI-CR is therefore pleased to make the current annual report available to the public to demonstrate the responsible use of its resources.

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