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DOC fellowship of Austrian Academy of Sciences for Luisa Schmidt

Luisa Schmidt, PhD student in the group of Florian Grebien has received a prestigious DOC fellowship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences. She studies the contribution of the transcription factor C/EBPα to acute myeloid leukemia and is particularly interested in how disease development is influenced by the epigenomic landscape and super-enhancers. Her project aims to elucidate the molecular functions of the leukemia-associated, truncated isoform C/EBPα p30 by exploring its influence on the epigenome. Florian Grebien has supervised Luisa since she joined the LBI-CR in April 2014 and rates her highly: “Luisa is not only a very gifted, but also a highly motivated young researcher and I am very happy to have attracted her to my team. I am certain that her research will make an important contribution to the field of leukemia biology. She really deserves this respected fellowship.”

Luisa joined the team of Florian Grebien in 2014 and is pleased that her project was selected for funding for this competitive fellowship. “It is a wonderful distinction to be the first DOC-awardee of the LBI-CR. This fellowship provides me with additional motivation to conduct my PhD on the highest possible level.” Before her research at the LBI-CR Luisa Schmidt worked at the Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (CeMM) for her diploma in the field of Molecular Biology, which she obtained from the University of Vienna in 2013. During her undergraduate work she completed several national and international internships, including the MFPL in Vienna and the University of San Francisco (UCSF) in California.

The official award ceremony took place at the Festive Hall of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in the presence of the president of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Anton Zeilinger and the Austrian state secretary, Dr. Harald Mahrer in March 2016.