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ERIA Meeting 2012 in Cambridge

We are happy to announce that this years ERIA meeting in Cambridge, organized by Suzanne Turner, Olaf Merkel and Lukas Kenner was a complete success! We had new people joining the group in Europe and this time also 3 speakers from the United States. They all enjoyed the lively discussions about ALCL, that will be the root of further collaborations. Next years meeting will take place in Heidelberg at the end of June. For those of you who were not able to come this time we would love to see you in Heidelberg.


Participants of the 3rd international ERIA conference in the main square of the King’s College in Cambridge, from left: Melanie Hassler, Julia Steinhilber, Janine Schmidt,
Mariusz Wasik, Suzanne Turner, Shahid Mian, Leticia Quinatanilla-Fend, Mike Omakobia, George Rassidakis, Dana Kennedy, Gavin Garland, Stephan Mathas, Olaf Merkel, Ming-Qing Du, Lukas Kenner, Irina Bonzheim, Naushad Moti, Roberto Chiarle, Carlo Gambacorti-Passarini and Kamel Ait-Tahar.

Having a good time after lunch at King’s College, from left: Roberto Chiarle, Suzanne Turner, Olaf Merkel and George Rassidakis


Talking about new approaches in ALCL research after having lunch at King’s College, from left: Stephan Mathas, Roberto Chiarle, Suzanne Turner and Olaf Merkel

Scientific discussions on Alk- fusions during a walk in Cambridge: from left:
Suzanne Turner, Stephan Mathas, Olaf Merkel, Melanie Hassler and Irina Bonzheim.


Planning the forthcoming ERIA activities in Suzanne Turner’s lab at Addenbrooke's hospital, Cambridge University, from left: Mike Omakobia, Suzanne Turner, Gavin Garland, Tim Malcolm, Lukas Kenner, Olaf Merkel and Naushad Moti (not shown).