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The LBG sets high quality standards for its institutes, which apply to their scientific output and their management. In order to safeguard these standards the society has implemented a systematic quality assurance procedure. In addition to ongoing expert consultation and supervision by the scientific advisory board evaluations are carried out at specific times during the implementation of an LBI. This includes transparent, accountable decision-making in the course of evaluations.

The LBI-CR will be evaluated three times by its scheduled end in 2019. Two evaluations have been completed by a panel of distinguished life-scientists with highly positiv results. 

In 2008 Prof. Gerard Evan (University of California, San Francisco), Thomas Graf  (Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona) and Tak Mak (Univesity of Toronto) evaluated the LBI-CR three years after its foundation. They unanimously were impressed by the progress achieved and commended the team on its enthusiasm as well as courage. 

Quote from the conclusions of the evaluation report 2008: "We view the LBI-CR as a promising new institute in the field of cancer research, run by a group of talented young researchers. We therefore recommend that research at the LBI-CR should be supported beyond the 4 year time-line."

In 2011 Prof. Gerard Evan (Cambridge University), Prof. Thomas Graf  (Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona) and Prof. A. Thomas Look (Harvard University, Boston) evaluated the LBI-CR for a second time. Based on the research performance they recommended a renewal of the funding for a second seven year period and called for an integration scenario to maintain the established expertise of the LBI-CR for the Austrian research community.

Quote from the conclusions of the evaluation report 2011: "Overall, the external evaluation committee was very impressed by the ongoing progress of the LBI-CR and recommends that the partners should do all that is possible to secure the survival of this uniquely innovative, small research institute."

In November 2015 the LBI-CR will be evaluated for a final time.