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First LBG Meeting for HEALTH SCIENCES 2013

After three successful and multidisciplinary „Meet Science“ events of the LBG, the idea was born to set up a special meeting for all Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes and Clusters, who are active in the area of medicine and life sciences as well as its related disciplines. The main purpose of such a meeting: to get to know each other’s research, to establish new cooperations under the roof of the LBG and to inform the medical community/public about the health related LBG activities. The common denominator of the participating institutes and clusters is also the namesake of the meeting: Health Sciences
With this meeting the LBG sets a mark to promote its core topic health sciences, which is defined as one of the LBG’s special characteristics besides the promotion of translational research and the strong inter- and transdisciplinarity of all Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes and Clusters.

The major goals of the First LBG Meeting for Health Sciences are:

  • to connect with other Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes and Clusters and to get to know their research
  • to provide a platform for making new contacts and establishing cooperations
  • to promote young researchers
  • to demonstrate that the LBG addresses important research questions regarding health issues
Event Info
Monday, 2. December 2013 - 9:00 to 21:00