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Essential for an internationally competitive research programme is besides the human resources access to a modern infrastructure. Through its Partner institutions the LBI-CR has access to state of the art animal house facilities, which provide all the necessary means to generate, breed and house genetically modified mice as the basis for the institute's research success. The researchers at the LBI-CR use animals and patient samples for their research responsibly and fully subscribe to the legal and ethical framework governing experimentation in Austria. Modern sequencing technology is available through collaborative efforts with Partners.

At a site visit Prof. Kenner presented to the science minister Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Töchterle the TissueFAXS equipment on melanoma research.

The LBI-CR is housed within the premises of the Pharmacology department (MUW) and the Department for Biomedical Services (VetMedUni), where appropriate lab and office space is available for the research teams, further supported by one secretary, laboratory help, computer support, technical maintenance, two histopathology BMAs, animal technicians and one grant manager. In addition, the LBG GmbH provides administrative support in daily affairs.

The institute has thus initiated a histopathology platform at the VetMedUni in 2015, which is now fully operational and supported by considerable equipment as well as personnel investment by the VetMedUni. Human tissue collections are an essential tool for applied cancer research. Access is provided through the cooperation with the Institute of Clinical Pathology of Partner MUW. Collaboration with TissueGnostics and their technology software tools allows for digital pathology, results and data are stored in clinical databases to get information and metadata with subsequent study results are connectable. Cell sorting has become a corner stone of cancer research for many diagnostic and research purposes, in particular with hematopoietic neoplasias. State of the art facilities are available through our Partners. This set-up therefore provides access to extensive histological analysis, immunostaining and fluorescence is now available through the LBI-CR as core of an inter-university platform integration the expertise of all key researchers.