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The Institute

History of the LBI-CR

The Beginning

The initiative to found a new Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research was started in 2004 and successfully accomplished in September 2005. Originally, the Ludwig Boltzmann Society initiated a reform process to consolidate their portfolio with the goal to found bigger research units. In response to their first call a consortium of young researchers from the Institute of Molecular Pathology, Medical University Vienna and Biocenter Basel formed a team to explore new ground in cancer research.
They developed a research application in cooperation with the Medical University Vienna, Institute of Molecular Pathology, Children’s Cancer Research Institute and the company TissueGnostics GmbH, which was favourably evaluated by international experts and accepted in December 2004 as one out of six new Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes.

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research

The LBI-CR performs basic research with a main focus on the generation and utilization of gene targeted mouse models and a comparative analysis to cancer patient samples. The identification of essential players in cancer and novel therapeutic options are our focus. The research concentrates on the analysis of core cancer pathways such as JAK-STAT signaling. This provides a strong focus on comparative cancer research in this Austrian center of excellence with mechanistic cancer research.


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How to reach the LBI-CR

Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Krebsforschung

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research is located in the 9th district of Vienna, close to the main university building.
Parking is restricted around the building and we suggest to use public transport to visit us. Please use the the website of "Wiener Linien" for directions.




The exact address is: