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Jan Pencik receives poster prize at first LBG health sciences meeting

The LBG organised a special meeting for all Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes and Clusters, active in the area of medicine and life sciences as well as its related disciplines. The main purpose was to get to know each other’s research, to establish new cooperations under the roof of the LBG and to inform the medical community/public about the health related LBG activities. The common denominator of the participating institutes and clusters is also the namesake of the meeting: Health Sciences

With this meeting the LBG sets a mark to promote its core topic health sciences, which is defined as one of the LBG’s special characteristics besides the promotion of translational research and the strong inter- and transdisciplinarity of all Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes and Clusters. 14 Institutes and clusters presented their research in an oral presentation and in more than 60 posters. A jury headed by Bernd Pulverer (EMBO) selected Jan Pencik's poster on "Loss of IL-6 or Stat3 drives advanced prostate cancer by promoting p53 inactivation" for the poster prize, 1,500 € cash award. In his presentation Bernd Pulverer remarked on the high quality of all posters.
Jan Pencik has been a PhD student with Prof. Lukas Kenner for 3 years and is currently in the process to finalise his research work and prepare himself to submit his PhD thesis. Prof. Lukas Kenner noted of Jan Pencik: "Jan has been a highly motivated student and proved a truely intelligent individual, who was able to shape this project with his contributions. I am very proud that his work received this recognition."