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Johannes Schmöllerl receives DOC-Fellowship

Johannes Schmöllerl receives DOC-fellowship for novel strategy to tackle aggressive leukemia

Patients carrying a chromosomal translocation in Nucleoporin 98 (NUP98) frequently develop aggressive forms of leukemia, characterised by bad prognosis. Johannes Schmöllerl in the research team of Florian Grebien aims to develop new models to characterise this disease. Deploying modern genetic technologies he hopes to uncover weaknesses which may lead to new therapeutic concepts. For his research project Johannes was now awarded a prestigious DOC-fellowship by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW).

The fellowship was now bestowed upon Johannes at a ceremonial reception of the OeAW on June 9. After Luisa Schmidt he is the second DOC-fellow in the team of ERC-recipient Florian Grebien. The institute congratulates Johannes to this outstanding success.

Please see a German press release at APA-Science.