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LBI-CR at the "Austrian Researchers' Night"

Prof. Emilio Casanova explains the use of DNA in modern cancer research.

On Friday April, 4 once again the Austrian Researchers' Night 2014 took place. From 5:00 pm onwards researchers of the LBI-CR presented the station "Where does cancer come from?" at the Campus of the Medcal Univeristy Vienna. Many visitors isolated DNA from Kiwifruit, and the very little ones used lab-pipettes to cexplore the effects of pH changes. In addition we made tumor-samples available to be viewed through a microscope. Many visitors discussed with researchers about modern medical research and how it helps to tackle cancer. We thank all visitors for stopping by and the interested questions.

We are looking forward to the next event!

The posters from our station with the DNA isolation protocol is available below:


PDF icon sammelmappe_poster.pdf31.3 MB