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LBI-CR integrated into partner universities

After 14 years of successful research the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research will come to it's scheduled end. Over more than a decade the institute developed an ambitious and internationally visible research portfolio developing and analysing genetically modified mouse models of disease under the guidance of a scientific advisory board and with substantial support from five partners.

All prinicipal investigators received a full professorship and integrated their research programme into Austrian universities to remain a vital part of the Austrian cancer research community. Therefore the remit of the LBI-CR, which was founded as an incubator to nurture scientific talent in Austria has been extremely successful. This success is underpinned by many other evaluation criteria, including the output of publications and the acquisition of externally funded grants. With >33% percent external funds and over 300 publications in peer-reviewed journals with more than 2,500 impact factor points, the institute exceeded expectations. At the last board meeting on November 15, 2018 the director Richard Moriggl thanked once more all the partners and the LBG for their long term commitment providing the necessary environment and support for an ambitious research programme.