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LBI-CR maintains research program with stably high contribution of third party funds

The LBI has recently restructured to prepare for a budget cut by the LBG. For the research program to remain competitive and stable at a high level therefore researchers are increasingly reliant on third party funds. We are therefore proud to report not only that recently researchers obtained prestigious EU funded grants, but also that the contribution of third party funds to the annual budget is stable at a very high level of 600,000 €, which corresponds now to 24% of our total budget. Already avaialble resources allow us to predict that this level we at least be maintained until the scheduled end of the institute in 2018.
We thank all our staff for their continuous strive to tap into external sources of funding with the support of our grant manager Stefan Grünert.

The development of funds available to the institute and derived from third party grants did rise continuously and has now stabilised at 600,000 €.