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Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft - Science for the People

The Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft (LBG)* is Austria's independent research incubator with a focus on the health sciences. World-class research must serve society and promote innovation: innovation comprises processes, work approaches, products and services. Only a commitment to consistent openness, interdisciplinarity and internationality can make innovation possible. Translationality and quality assurance are an integral part of the work of the institutes and clusters of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft. Approaches must prove themselves within a limited period of time and lead to results. Clearly organised research requires management skills on the part of senior staff. These skills are cultivated at the LBG. This is how the LBG can create optimal conditions for the development of impressive researchers in a highly competitive environment. While strengthening Austria's position as a location for research at the same time.

Its Institutes deal with questions relating to medicine, humanities, social sciences and cultural sciences. It is named after the great Austrian physicist, mathematician and philosopher Ludwig Boltzmann, whose broad scientific interests still remain the basis for the interdisciplinarity of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft today.

The Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft (LBG)*, which was founded in 1960, is a private sponsor of research establishments in Austria and financed from public and private resources. It is divided into Institutes and Clusters and currently employs around 380 people. Following a comprehensive organisational reform in 2002, Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes (LBI) have been set up on the basis of calls for proposals and international evaluation procedures. Luwdig Boltzmann Institutes are characterised in particular by their cooperation with institutional partner organisations.

 „The long term perspective and financial security of the LBG initiatives on the one hand as well as their support for translational research with interdisciplinary character make the society a highly attractive partner for the MUW. The cooperatively run LBI-CR reflects one of the most successful research areas of the MUW. “ Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schütz Rektor der Medizinischen Universität Wien

* „Gesellschaft“ stands for society