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Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research

Please note this website is not updated anymore as the LBI-CR was integrated into its partner universities Vetmeduni and Meduni Vienna, please check the keyresearcher's pages for links to their relevant new web presences reflecting their current research activities.

The LBI-CR performs basic research with a main focus on the generation and utilization of gene targeted mouse models and a comparative analysis to cancer patient samples. The identification of essential players in cancer and novel therapeutic options are our focus. The research concentrates on the analysis of core cancer pathways such as JAK-STAT signaling. This provides a strong focus on comparative cancer research in this Austrian center of excellence with mechanistic cancer research. Currently the research programme includes childhood cancers, breast cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, melanoma, liver carcinomas and prostate cancer. The LBI-CR aims to establish novel insights into the etiology of cancer. Results are published in high impact journals (see references on PubMed) and directly translated into diagnostic and therapeutic approaches with Partners.

For more information about the institute we refer you to our archive of annual reports and you may also explore our history, which lists a number of achievements, but also provides a summary of scientific output parameters.

Over time the Institute has performed very well, which was confirmed by several external evaluations based on output parameters, including scientific publications and success in raising external funds. The institute is tracking these parameters continuously since its foundation and the trajectory of the relative performace inicates that the institute has continuously improved on its output compared to average of previous years.


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