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Mag. Georg Kapsch, President of the Federation of Austrian Industries visits LBI-CR

Prof. Richard Moriggl welcomes Mag. Georg Kapsch at the LBI-CR


Mag. Claudia Lingner, DI Josef Pröll, Prof. Richard Moriggl supported by staff of the LBI-CR hosted Mag. Georg Kapsch, the president of the Federation of Austrian Industries on June 2, 2014. Mag. Kapsch showed himself impressed by the possibilities of modern cancer research and showed particular interest for the potential of novel cancer models generated through genetic modification.

DI. Josef Pröll highlighted the LBI-CR as one of the most successful research institutes of the LBG family, which was founded after restructuring in 2004. Mag. Lingner used the opportunity to explain the strategy of the LBG. The stringent external evaluation of existing institutes and new applications results in research units, which provide significant leverage for public funding as they consistently attract significant levels of external funding. Prof. Moriggl highlighted the advantages of the flexible funding by the LBG, which was instrumental to support the academic career of the founding staff and culminated in three endowed professorships recently.