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New annual report proves LBI-CR performs research at a very high level

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research (LBI-CR) consolidates scientific success with outstanding achievements. 2016 was again with respect to publications and the acquisition of external research funds at an unusually high level. Furthermore, the staff of the LBI-CR, together with partner institutions, were able to put significant emphasis on applied and clinically translational cancer research, which was also very popular in the media.

The LBI-CR presents now its new annual report highlighting some very special scientific achievements. All in all, the third year in a row the institute displayed an excellent performance, both in its publication activity and in the acquisition of third-party funding. In fact, the LBI-CR now contributes 30% of its annual budget through external funding. In addition, the number and quality of publications are stabilizing on a high level.

For more information please contact our research manager Stefan Grünert:

T: +43 1 40160 71210
F: +43 1 40160 931300

For a look at our report please use the link:

PDF icon 2016 Annual Report of LBI-CR8.94 MB