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New paper out on prognostic marker DCLK1 in head and neck cancer

New paper out on expression of DCLK1 in 127 patients being associated with poor survival. In particular, DCLK1 expression had a significant impact on survival of oropharyngeal carcinoma patients. Specifically, DCLK1+/HPV- patients had the worst prognosis after simultaneous assessment of DCLK1 and HPV status in comparison to the other three possible DCLK1/HPV constellations. Higher levels of DCLK1 mRNA were also associated with poor clinical outcome. Inhibition of DCLK1 in our HNSCC cell lines led to growth arrest and induction of apoptosis. The combination of DCLK1 inhibition with irradiation had a synergistic effect. These results indicate DCLK1 is not only a prognostic biomarker for shortened survival, it might also serve as a therapeutic target.

This paper has now been publiched at Oral Oncology.