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Secret second life of cdk6 in lymphomas

CDK6 is an oncogenic kinase regulating the cell cycle. In CancerCell a research team led by Prof. Veronika Sexl from the Veterinary University Vienna and contributions from the LBI-CR demonstrated that CDK6 performs a kinase-independent transcriptional function in regulating expression of VEGF-Aandp16 INK4a.These observations link the cell cycle machinery and angiogenesis and reveal the presence of a fail-safe antiproliferative mechanism.

Alternative target for breast cancer drugs

Scientists from the Ludwig Boltzmann Institut for Cancer Research have contributed to identify higher levels of a receptor protein found on the surface of human breast tumour cells that may serve as a new drug target for the treatment of breast cancer. The results, which are published in EMBO Molecular Medicine, show that elevated levels of the protein Ret, which is short for “Rearranged during transfection”, are associated with a lower likelihood of survival for breast cancer patients in the years following surgery to remove tumours and cancerous tissue.

LBI-CR holds Annual Meeting 2013 in Obergurgl

Cancer researchers take the hidden activities of tumor cells into their sights

At the annual meeting of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research over 40 renowned scientists from Austria, Germany, USA and Switzerland gathered at the university center Obergurgl of the University of Innsbruck on April 16 - 17. They presented and discussed their current work in experimental cancer research. As a general consensus emerged that the interaction of tumor cells with their surrounding cells, the stroma warrants closer attention.

LBI-CR raises almost 1 M € research funds in 2012

Research funds chart

Researchers at the LBI-CR strive actively to supplement the financial support of the LBG and the Partners with funds from external sources. This provides leverage on the funds provided and by continuous peer review ensures internationally competitive research is performed within our institute. The director of the LBI-CR Richard Moriggl stresses: “External evaluation by international acknowledged researchers in the field of cancer research have consistently commended the LBI-CR on its outstanding scientific performance.