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LBI-CR raises almost 1 M € research funds in 2012

Research funds chart

Researchers at the LBI-CR strive actively to supplement the financial support of the LBG and the Partners with funds from external sources. This provides leverage on the funds provided and by continuous peer review ensures internationally competitive research is performed within our institute. The director of the LBI-CR Richard Moriggl stresses: “External evaluation by international acknowledged researchers in the field of cancer research have consistently commended the LBI-CR on its outstanding scientific performance.

New mouse model for the analysis of oncogene co-operation

Cancer is caused by a series of mutations accumulating over time, not by a single change in the genetic information. It is the accumulation of oncogenic lesions in  a cell promoting malignant growth of a cell population, which result in a tumor. Scientists of the LBI-CR lead by Robert Eferl have now recreated these events in a mouse model. This research was performed in co-operation with TissueGnostics GMBH as well as the following academic institutions: Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, University of Veterinary Medicine, Medical University of Vienna, Research Institute of Molecular Pathology and Institute of Molecular Biotechnology. The results have recently been described in the prestigious journal "Nature Methods".

ERIA Meeting 2012 in Cambridge

We are happy to announce that this years ERIA meeting in Cambridge, organized by Suzanne Turner, Olaf Merkel and Lukas Kenner was a complete success! We had new people joining the group in Europe and this time also 3 speakers from the United States. They all enjoyed the lively discussions about ALCL, that will be the root of further collaborations. Next years meeting will take place in Heidelberg at the end of June. For those of you who were not able to come this time we would love to see you in Heidelberg.