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Barbara Maurer receives national oncology award

Barbara Maurer received OeGHO award

At the spring conference of the Austrian Society for Hematology and Medical Oncology (OeGHO) Barbara Maurer received a poster award in oncology for her research presented under the title "An Activating Mutation of STAT5 Drives Peripheral T Cell Lymphomas". Profs. Hellmut Samonig and Ulrich Jäger highlighted the outstanding work of many young researchers contributing to the conference. The entire institute congratulates Barbara to this very fine success.

Annual Report 2015 shows Outstanding Scientific Performance

The LBI-CR looks back onto an unusually successful year 2015, which has seen significant progress in organizational aspects, but it is also characterized by an outstanding scientific output in the form of publications and an increasing participation in international research projects. The new annual report of 2015 provides not only a comprehensive scientific overview, but also impressive data that in 2015 the institute surpassed previous years with respect to many output parameters.