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Prof. Kenner receives CESAR 2013 for translating his research into clinical practice

Professor Lukas Kenner of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research (LBI-CR) in Vienna receives the 2013 Research Award of the "Central European Society for Anticancer Drug Research" (CESAR).

Prof. Kenner receives the CESAR certificate from Dr. Berta Moritz (left) at the award ceremony in Tübingen.

Kenner and his team elucidated the central role of the switch molecule PDGFR in lymphomas. The scientists studied a genetic model of lymphoma, which precisely reflects the disease in mice. In close collaboration with physicians at the Medical University of Vienna Kenner translated the basic findings from the mouse model into an application at the bedside. A terminally ill patient, who suffered from a lymphoma without further treatment option was cured with the specific PDGFR inhibitor imatinib. International cooperation partner of the "European Research Initiative on ALCL" (ERIA) are currently testing a clinical application of targeted therapy against PDGFR in lymphomas. Kenner’s results were published in 2012 in the prestigious journal "Nature Medicine" and he is now awarded the CESAR 2013 for  the clinical application of the research results.
The LBG and all of the staff of LBI-CR congratulate Lukas Kenner to this wonderful success.

Prof. Helmut Salih and Prof. Lukas Kenner with their certificates shared this years CESAR.

Prof. Lothar Kanz, Dr. Berta Moritz, Prof. Ulrich Jaehde, Prof Helmut Salih, Prof. Lukas Kenner, Prof. Matthias Schwab, Prof. Walter Aulitzky (from left) after the CESAR 2013 award ceremony at the protestant Stift Tübingen.

The German news item you will find here.

Original Publication: “Identification of PDGFR blockade as a rational and highly effective therapy for NPM-ALK driven lymphomas”
Review of the clinical application: "Inimitable Imatinib: the range of targeted tumours expands to include T-cell lymphoma"

Link to the OTS press release in German.