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Publication output of LBI-CR at record high in 2015

In 2015 key researchers of the LBI-CR contributed to 40 publications in peer reviewed journals with a cumulative impact factor of 310. Of these publications eleven were led by key researchers from the LBI-CR and nine of these achieved an IF > 3.

Of the total list of publications 33 reached an IF > 3 and 26 an IF > 5. The average impact factor of all publications with an IF > 3 reached 9.1 per publication. The graphs below display the historical development of the publication related output measures, which provide evidence that in 2015 the institute recovered from a weaker period in 2013-14 and has now reached an all-time high with regards to several publication related output-parameters.

We thank all our collaborators and colleagues for their continued commitment to the high quality of scientific output, which is also reflected in the recent successes to obtain research grants on an international level.

The LBI-CR and others contributed to 40 publications in the last year, 33 of which had an impact factor >3 with 2 publications of a pending impact factor.


The 33 LBI-CR contributions with an IF > 3 obtained a total of 299 impact factor points, which is an indicator for the continued high quality of research performed at the LBI-CR.

The average impact factor of all publications in 2015 with an IF > 3 is 9.1, close to the historic average of 9.2 indicating the high number of publications maintained the high quality of output.