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Research Program

Please note this website is not updated anymore as the LBI-CR was integrated into its partner universities Vetmeduni and Meduni Vienna, please check the keyresearcher's pages for links to their relevant new web presences reflecting their current research activities.

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research is focused on basic cancer research to establish molecular insight into the complex disease mechanisms. The resutls are frequently published in high impact journals (see references on PubMed).

Cancer affects everyone in developed nations, either directly or indirectly. While recent developments in palliative care or targeted therapy saw great improvements in cancer therapy in recent years, many patients still succumb to the disease. It is important to note that cancer is not a single disease. There are more than 200 types of cancers, which can be further sub-divided based on complex genetic characteristics. Cancer may affect any part of the body and recent research has established several cancer accelerating processes such as the immune status or chronic tissue damage. Cell damage is often associated with chronic inflammation or infection. In addition, inherited genetic differences influence cancer, which is particularly the reason for childhood cancer development (for example genetic instability and the manifestation of chromosomal breaks or fusions).  In adults loss of BRCA1/2 or p53 predisposes to different forms of cancer, other examples are genetic defects in DNA mismatch repair, that drive colon cancer.