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Researchers of LBI-CR raised a record breaking 1.8 Mio € of external funds in 2016

In 2016 keyresearchers of the LBI-CR succeeded in raising more funds for their research than ever before. We are proud to report an outstanding success rate of 60%, as of ten proposals we received funding for six projects totalling an overall volume of € 1.8 Mio. With the renewal of one SFB and the intitiation of a new one Richard Moriggl maintains outstanding financial support by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). The FFG funds two PhD students at the institute through their programme "Industrienahe Dissertationen" with Florian Grebien and Richard Moriggl, which provides evidence for our strive for applications of the basic knowledge we are generating. "Third party grants become increasingly important for our scientists to maintain the intensity of our research programmes with the end of LBG funding in sight. It is rewarding to see that after 12 years of building up a research infrastructure, we receive not only recognition by our partner universities through integration into their research portfolio. We also see a strong scientific output as measured in publications and success in acquiring external funds," said institute director Richard Moriggl.

Overall the LBI-CR had nine externally funded research projects active in 2016, which contributed 30% to the annual budget. This impressive amount of external funding provides an important bench mark for the international competitiveness of our research programme. With the ERC starting grant "ONCOMECHAML", the initial training network "ALKATRAS" and the research and innovation action "EAVI2020" we are proud to boast three Horizon2020 funded initiatives in our project portfolio. The acquisition of third party grants is supported by Stefan Grünert and benefits from a continuously strong output of publications in peer reviewed journals.