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Richard Moriggl receives prestigious Austrian cancer research award

Richard Moriggl, director of the LBI-CR

This year Richard Moriggl was selected for the "Große Zentraleuropäische Preis"  for cancer research to mark his excellent scientific achievements in the field with the development of clinically relevant cancer models. His research proves to be of international relevance since many years. In the name of the entire board Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ehalt congratulated Richard Moriggl to his succesful research.

The fund marks significant achievements in cancer research to support and highlight individuals from Central Europe who have done scientific work of international importance in the field of cancer research. Richard Moriggl showed his gratitude to be selected by the board this year, "Looking at the list of previous laureates, I feel very honoured to be recognised with this prestigious Austrian award. I thank the panel for their recognition of my research whole heartedly and greatly appreciate their decision."

Excellent innovative achievements in the field of interdisciplinary cancer research are recognised with this award. This prize is awarded for important findings by individuals conducting their research in central Europe. The "Fonds der Stadt Wien für innovative interdisziplinäre Krebsforschung" was founded in honor of the great achievements of medical schools in the "Medical City of Vienna".