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Scientific Advisory Board

In order to safeguard the high standards the LBG sets for its institutes, the society has implemented a systematic quality assurance procedure. This includes ongoing expert consultation and supervision by a scientific advisory board, which meets annually with each research team to review progress and give advise on future avenues. They provide a written report, which serves as a basis for decisions on the research programme.
With five internationally acknowledged scientists in the field of cancer research and transgenesis the SAB of the LBI-CR boasts crucial expertise, which has proven instrumental for the implementation of a successful research programme in a highly competitive environment like cancer research. The team leaders are therefore indebted to the contributions of the SAB-members.

Prof. Nancy Hynes


Friedrich Miescher Institute
Basel, Switzerland





Prof. Gustavo Leone

Hollings Cancer Center
Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, USA





Prof. Radek Skoda

Department of Biomedicine, University Hospital Basel
Basel, Switzerland





Prof. Kay Uwe Wagner

University of Nebraska, Medical Center
Nebraska, USA