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Turkish ERASMUS-Students join research teams at LBI-CR

Five students from the Faculty of Medicine at İstanbul Medeniyet University joined the LBI-Research teams for two months to get some initial training in cancer research. Their stay is partly funded by the ERASMUS-Program. The five students join each a research team with a tailored research project and are closely supervised by a PhD-student in the lab (Salih is actually with our collaborator Mathias Müller at the VetMedUni and is supervised by Sabine Macho-Maschler).

We are very happy to welcome Emre Akbas, Ezgi Aslan, Ubeyde Telli, Salih Yildirim and Sena Yilmaz here with us for two months and thank our staff for their time to take them on during the summer months. Their mentor Ibrahim Akalin at İstanbul Medeniyet University supports their training with the "project machine".

Ubeyde Telli, Ezgi Aslan, Sena Yilmaz, Emre Akbaş and Salih Yildirim (from left) in the lab of Richard Moriggl.